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A Week Spent at The Country’s Top Tennis Facility
As a Country Club, BallenIsles is well recognized for its exemplary tennis program. Located in Palm Beach Gardens, tennis aficionados gather to play rounds, practice with each other, and face off in Club tournaments.

Best Ranked Palm Beach Gardens Tennis

As a Country Club, BallenIsles is well recognized for its exemplary tennis program in south Florida.

Located in Palm Beach Gardens, tennis aficionados gather to play rounds, practice with each other, and face off in Club tournaments. But were you aware of how much tennis influenced the Club’s social atmosphere? Take a look at what a week at BallenIsles’ looks like for a tennis player!

Sunday 2/17

Men’s Social Play
In lieu of learning tricky maneuvers or practicing drills, the Men’s Social Play has tennis fans grab their rackets and head to the courts with the express purpose of meeting their neighbors and making connections. Simply bring along your tennis racket to the courts around 9 A.M. and enjoy playing a game with friends, learning a special technique from a neighbor, or appreciate being outside and moving.

Monday 2/18

Division 2 Practice
BallenIsles has a special way of dividing up their tennis players into the classes that best suit their skill and ability. They call this format ‘divisions’, and they range from beginner levels to professional ones. At Division 2 practice, players can enjoy a practice that’s at their pace with teachers who work with their learning style as to imprint these lessons in a way that can never be forgotten. Grab your racket, grab some friends, and head to the tennis courts for a good time!

Division 5 Practice
BallenIsles once again refers to the Division system to create tennis classes that are at the speed and pace of each player. At Division 5, expect fast paced drills, intensive exercises, and practices that mimic the speed and intensity of a real tennis game. Partnered with tennis pro staff and players who are all equally devoted to the game, success is within reach.

Tuesday 2/19

Division 6 Practice
The practices help to match players with groups that are working at the same level of skill and speed. Under Division 6, players can enjoy a faster paced routine and lessons that teach complicated maneuvers. Pro tennis staff pushes players to play harder and faster using innovative skills and techniques.

Fast Paced Drills
As the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect.” Get to perfect a little faster with the drills run by BallenIsles staff. Featuring a mix of working on select routines and imitating a real tennis game, players will expand on their skills and cement routines and postures as to ensure their continued success in the game.

Wednesday 2/20

Division 3 Practice
For those who are seeking practices that are more intensive than what Division 2 offers, Division 3 offers the challenge and speed that players are looking for. Instructors will refine older skills while introducing newer ones, at a pace that’s slightly faster than what previous classes offered.

Division 7 Practice
As one of the more intensive classes offered under the Division system, Division 7 practices will challenge players to move, think, and play as if they’re currently competing in a game. Classes here are less focused on teaching new moves and more focused on practicing drills and responding to moves outside of practiced drills.

Thursday 2/21

Fast Paced Drills
Success in tennis depends on the amount of practice performed, which is what makes this drills class perfect for players. Adjusted for different levels, this class features drills that are more intensive, making it an excellent choice for those in Divisions 3.0 on up.

Friday 2/22

Cardio Tennis with Al
If you’ve been looking for a class that has the perfect combination of lesson and fun workout, you’ve found it! Get ready to sweat it out in an exciting and fast paced exercise class. Part tennis drill, part workout, Al is ready to push you to your limits with swings, steps, and serves! Meet at the courts around 8 A.M. in your best workout gear!

The Art of Doubles
The only thing better than playing tennis is playing tennis with a partner. It’s fun to watch, and doubles with good communication look elegant on the court. It can also be intimidating for those who have never played it before. Take the intimidation out of doubles with our expert training staff, and a few practice rounds at the tennis courts at 10:00 A.M.

Intro To Tennis
Whether you love tennis or have never even seen a game on TV before, this class is the perfect place to begin learning about this great game. Instructors will walk you through the basics needed to play the game using drills, games, and advice on positioning. Members can meet and connect with each other at this fun and slow paced lesson!

Saturday 2/23

Fast Pace 3.0
Get a feel for the speed and intensity of tennis in one of our Fast Paced Drill classes. Made for those at the 3.0+/- level, you’ll practice moves and techniques at the same speed that you would use them in a real game. You’ll be partnered with members who are at the same speed and skill as you work your way through the lessons. Meet with us at the courts at 8:00 A.M. to find out how!

Saturday Drill 2.5
Build upon the basics of tennis with our Saturday Drills, in a class that’s designed to move at your pace. Made with those at the 2.5+/- level, this particular class is highlighting doubles strategy and stroke drills. It starts at the courts at 9:00 A.M.

High Energy 3.5+
Prepare for your next big game with the drills at this class! This class will focus on doubles strategy and stroke drills, but at the 3.5+ level, for those who are interested in learning and playing at a faster pace. This makes the class perfect for those who are interested in taking their skills to games, both between friends and against other members of the Club in their on-site championships. Class starts at 10:00 A.M. at the tennis courts.

2/28-3/3 – Club Championship Doubles

All of the time that you have spent in clinics and classes pays off when you face off your opponents at the Club Championship Doubles. As one of the many tennis competitions that BallenIsles Country Club hosts for its members, members enjoy comparing their skill and fostering healthy competition between each other. Take all of the lessons that you’ve learned throughout the week and use them with your partner. Match the opposing team’s speed and response time and take the win for your own!

When you’re looking for a tennis program unlike any other, you can’t do better than BallenIsles Country Club. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, players such as the likes of the Williams Sisters have graced the Club’s courts. Over 22 Har-Tru tennis courts serve as the meeting place for practices and private games, and a stadium court hosts some of the most intensive games ever played.

With its full social calendar and proximity to all Palm Beach County has to offer, BallenIsles Country Club allows for everyone to take advantage of the local activities better than anywhere else. In addition, whether your sport of choice is tennisgolf, or swimming, or anything else, you’ll find something to enjoy at BallenIsles. The Club maintains a full calendar of fun events, and you’ll find areas like the Golf Practice Facility or personal fitness trainers dedicated to helping you improve your game. Click here to schedule your private tour today.